We have been using the Latte Pro™ milk jug for the past 18 months and would not be without it. We are not into the trend of using the “hand-on-jug technique” to guess milk temperatures in our coffee shop.  Our shop has a reputation for having the best coffee in the area, consistently, as customers often refer to some other shops as “hit and miss” with their coffee preparation.  When we opened our coffee shop in Brisbane, one of our prerequisites was to be consistent in quality and temperature (65 degrees unless asked otherwise), as i found baristas often are inconsistent with their temperatures, and cannot produce “not as hot” or “very hot please” requests from customers.  We used the traditional, unsightly thermometers originally until we were given a Latte Pro™ jug that now plays a major part in our business. In our opinion the Latte Pro™ is the “professional’s professional” jug for the following reasons:

  • Durability over the past 18 months has not let us down. It is still in perfect condition after being washed, bumped, dropped, etc at least six days per week
  • The temperature gauge is as good as the day we got it and shows no signs of peeling
  • It is absolutely consistent with milk temperature and simple to read
  • Baristas find it very easy to use and can double check their hand method if that is what they are used to
  • The doubled sided temperature gauge allows the barista to use either left or right hands or steam wands
  • The moulded handle gives a more comfortable, firmer grip
  • The slightly oval shape contributes to easy spinning, stretching and frothing of the milk
  • This shape makes pouring and latte art much easier as well

Visually, customers are intrigued with this jug and constantly make positive comments when we are heating milk. It makes our shop and us look professional and innovative. We now have five jugs in various sizes.

Jennifer / Joseph Origliasso, Pronto Expresso Bar

We have been using the Latte Pro™ jugs for over a year now and they have been a fantastic addition to our store’s operations in regard to coffee preparation and service. 

One of the greatest benefits is that we no longer need to use unreliable stick thermometers, which are unable to handle regular washes and over use. 

It provides consistency for all our baristas in knowing they are heating the milk to the correct temperature each and every time they make a coffee.  We now no longer have customers reporting that their coffees were not hot enough or too hot.  It is also an advantage when training new staff and takes a lot of the guess work out of temperature control where every person’s “feeling” of temperature can be so different. 

Overall it provides consistency and satisfaction for our customers, no matter who is on the coffee machine. 

Since we have been using the jugs, and we have had the same ones for over a year, we have had basically no wear and tear on them, apart from the normal.  They have been through our commercial dishwasher thousands of times and still work perfectly. To be honest I cannot fault them! 

We are so glad that we were given the opportunity to try them out and will continue to use them for as long as we operate, which is hopefully a long time to come.  A fantastic product that I believe all cafes should incorporate into their businesses!

 Allira Barker, Cafe Manager, Dome Elizabeth Mall

My organisation started using the Latte Pro™ 12 months ago. We own and operate six restaurants and employ over 700 people. The reason we decided to change from the standard milk jug and thermometer across to the Latte Pro™ was to improve the consistency of temperature and milk quality across all our Latte Pro™ hot beverage offerings.

Previously our staff found it challenging to calibrate and hold the correct serving temperature for milk over an extended period of time. This in turn demanded constant monitoring and regular re-calibrating the thermometer to ensure consistent milk temperature. The Latte Pro™ has not only simplified and improved the overall milk frothing process, but has also reduced the time it takes for our staff to provide great quality milk at the right temperature.

We have also been very satisfied with how robust the Latte Pro™ is.  The Latte Pro™ is sanitised in a commercial dishwasher on a regular basis. We operate in a very fast-paced and demanding environment which tests our equipment daily. We have found the Latte Pro™ to perform well under these circumstances, and continues to prove to be accurate and simple for our staff to use.

Steven Nicholas

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